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Offices in the Presidio
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We believe in taking a chance on filmmakers who have ideas for artful and compelling nonfiction films that inspire us to think differently about the world. Catapult provides research and development funding to documentary filmmakers who have a meaningful story to tell, have secured access to their story, and are ready to create a visual sample to help unlock production support.

We embrace supporting filmmakers at a stage where funding for projects is hard to find and considered the riskiest. We seek filmmakers with authentic voices who tell stories with integrity, creativity, and genuinely represent their vision and perspective. Catapult is not tied to any specific subject matter or issues. We support a wide range of stories and storytelling approaches.

We expand the impact of the program grants by providing customized mentorship to filmmakers. The Catapult teams serves as advisors and advocates for our community of filmmakers, often introducing them to key stakeholders in the field where they can fund and distribute their work.

Since our founding in 2010, we have awarded over $5.4 million in direct grants to filmmakers through our grant and mentorship programs. We are proud to help launch films such as The Territory (2022 Sundance Audience and Special Jury Documentary Craft Award winner), Crip Camp (2021 Academy Award nominee), and Always In Season (2019 Sundance Festival Special Jury Award for Moral Urgency).

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