How to Apply

The Catapult Development Grant

What does Catapult fund?

Catapult gives early support to propel projects forward that hold the promise of a story that should be uniquely told in film. We provide development funding, up to $20,000, to documentary filmmakers who have a strong story to tell, have secured access, and are ready to create a fundraising piece to help unlock critical production funding. We enable filmmakers to develop their projects to the next level, at the early stage when funding is hard to find. We support powerful and moving storytelling, by filmmakers with a strong voice across a broad spectrum of subject matter.

Who do we fund?

Catapult is not tied to any specific social issue agenda. We support and encourage filmmakers to tell a full range of stories on film in whatever form fits the film and artist. As a result our Catapult supported films can range widely in style and scope.

COVID19/Coronavirus Updates

Catapult is continuing to accept and review applications and disperse grants within our 3-4 month review period. We understand timelines and production schedules have changed and it is difficult to plan for the future, so please complete those sections of the application to the best of your ability. Feel free to reach out should you have any questions or concerns: 415-738-8553

To request accommodations for completing the application, please contact or leave a message at 415-738-8553

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