Welcome to Chechnya

This searing investigative work shadows a group of activists risking unimaginable peril to confront the ongoing anti-LGBTQ pogrom raging in the repressive and closed Russian republic. Unfettered access and a remarkable approach to protecting anonymity exposes this under- reported atrocity–and an extraordinary group of people confronting evil.



“Welcome to Chechnya: The Gay Purge. brought home the horror with a dramatic urgency. David France's grimly compelling film was a docu-thriller, with heart-stopping moments as activists spirited people out of the country in clandestine operations.”

Daily Telegraph (UK)

"David France has made a difficult, distressing and often tremendously bleak film about the torture and murder of LGBT people in Chechnya, and the brave efforts of community activists and organisers to "extract" them from the region."


"It's a collective profile in courage ... on the people who are the last thing standing between survival and a purge."

Rolling Stone

Premieres & Awards


Sundance Film Festival 2020

International premiere, Panorama Dokumente

International Film Festival Berlin (2020)