Vegas Baby

Rolling the dice for a family.

Some think an in vitro fertilization contest sounds crazy, but countless Americans desperate to have a family believe this social media experiment is their only hope.

Vegas Baby gives a voice to infertility and unveils the class disparity within a topic that is often clouded by judgment and stereotypes. Oscar-nominated director Amanda Micheli’s provocative and suspenseful documentary follows several aspiring parents who desperately want to have a baby but are struggling with infertility and the high cost of treatments. They place themselves in the hands of Las Vegas doctor Geoffrey Sher and his annual contest, which offers a prize of a free round of in-vitro fertilization—with no guarantee of pregnancy. Contestants post video entries online telling their stories, counting on the votes of strangers to make their dreams of becoming parents true.  
 IVF can be cripplingly expensive and is rarely covered by insurance. So while exposing private pain online to win a contest is a brutal proposition, many infertile couples see this contest as a gamble worth taking. Through Sher’s controversial contest, Micheli navigates the complexities of America’s burgeoning fertility industry and paints an intimate portrait of the many resilient individuals – from a devoutly Catholic Latino couple in Texas to a lesbian Lady Gaga Impersonator in New York – determined to have a baby against all odds. 


VEGAS BABY: trailer from Amanda Micheli on Vimeo.


"Through a humane, emotional examination of the contest... director Amanda Micheli’s documentary highlights the complexities and despair of America’s fertility industry."

Joe McGovern, Entertainment Weekly

"The economic and emotional costs of in vitro fertilization are powerfully evident from the first moments of VEGAS BABY... having gained remarkable access to fertility patients over a two-year period, Micheli follows them through roller-coaster waves of despair and hope."

Sheri Linden, Hollywood Reporter

"VEGAS BABY offers a look inside an otherwise intensely private sphere, marked by economic difficulties, raw emotions, and—with luck—confetti-strewn celebrations."

Laura Regensdorf, Vogue

"New IVF Doc Exposes Underground World of Hunger Games-Esque Baby Raffles; Amanda Micheli's VEGAS BABY explores a digital-age concept for women failing to conceive.​"

Elissa Strauss, Elle

"Couples seeking the joy of parenting deserve the opportunity to try and have a child — without having to compete for it."

Upworthy Staff

"Micheli turns an unrelenting eye on tough stories that transcend sex and gender."

Kate Erbland, Indiewire

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