Night of Nights

A nocturnal and semi-surrealistic science fiction portrait of life in two Asian megacities after 2020, shot at night with an hypnotic intensity and with the lens pointing to the future.

The country is plunged into darkness. The abandoned city is like another planet. Lonely figures move through the streets like shadows in a theatre. We are in two Asian megacities in the surreal time after 2020. ‘Night of Nights’ takes place at night, and the images fill the screen with an hypnotic intensity and documents the radically changed reality that the people in the megacities of the world suddenly found themselves in. The urban landscapes are illuminated by yellowish neon and the concept of home has lost its familiar meaning. An endless pedestrian tunnel has become a mini-community of igloo tents, where people stranded in the harsh restrictions have set up camp while waiting to move on. But when the restrictions are lifted, everything is changed forever.



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Violet Feng

Premieres & Awards

World Premiere

2024 CPH:DOX

DOX:AWARD nominee

2024 CPH:DOX