40 years after her arranged marriage as a child, Hawa is eager to finally begin the life that was taken from her. Hawa wants to be literate and have the joyful experiences she never had as a youth. However, Hawa is once again blocked by the oppressive barriers of the Taliban regime, as she tries to liberate herself as an independent woman.



About the Filmmakers


Najiba Noori
Najiba Noori

Najiba Noori was born in 1995 in Iran. Najiba began working for media organisations as a volunteer when she was just 15. Alongside her work she has practiced photography and videography since 2015. She has studied photography and filmmaking in Kabul, Afghanistan. She has made documentary films and photo stories for various organisations and agencies, including Huffington Post, MSF, FMIC, NRC and UN Women in Afghanistan. She has also participated in the Close-Up program 2020-2021. She joined Agence France-Presse (AFP) as video journalist in August 2019, and in August 2021 she left her country when the Taliban took power in Afghanistan.