Concrete Land

The Al-Najars are a Bedouin family of three generations living in makeshift tents in one of Amman’s suburbs on a land they don’t own, they lived as Bedouins with their different animals on that land for the past 21 years.

In recent years the area transformed into a high-class neighborhood. Their quiet Bedouin life is turned upside down, when construction starts to creep up on them.

Their new neighbors are focused on kicking them out of the area in order to “clean up” the neighborhood. When one neighbor files a complaint against the family with the local government, the threat becomes a reality, and the family is forced to make a choice. To continue to be Bedouins and find a new land to occupy; or abandon their lifestyle and move to the city.

The family is in a dire situation, they have conflicting inner desires and the tension between them and their new neighbours rises, Awad realizes the only way to resolve this tension is to relocate their tents.