The Arrivals

The Arrivals tells the story of two Latino men who migrated to the U.S. both for economic opportunity and to live openly as a gay couple. They operate a successful business but remain undocumented, with no clear path to legalize their status. The Arrivals will show their dramatic past and their lives today, as they open new businesses, push for immigration reform, and determine whether or not they should leave all they have worked for behind and return home.


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Heidi Ewing
Heidi Ewing

Heidi Ewing, who has been named an "innovator" of the documentary form by Time magazine, is the co-owner of New York’s Loki Films. In 2007 Heidi was nominated for an Oscar for Jesus Camp, co-directed with Rachel Grady, which chronicles the Evangelical movement through the eyes of children. The film was nominated for a 2007 Academy Award. Her most recent film Detropia looks at her hometown of Detroit, America’s fastest shrinking city, and what its demise (and attempts at renewal) mean to the rest of the nation. The film, co-directed with Grady, won the editing prize at Sundance 2012, was nominated for a Gotham Award, made the Oscar shortlist, won the Cinema Eye for best documentary and was named one of the top films of 2012 by the National Board of Review. In 12th & Delaware, which premiered in 2010 at Sundance, a street corner in Fort Pierce, Florida is torn asunder by a crisis pregnancy center and an abortion clinic that are locked in battle. The film, a collaboration with HBO, was called Dzthe finest documentary film ever made about the abortion issue" by the LA Times and won the prestigious Peabody Award. In Freakonomics she collaborated with other high-profile nonfiction filmmakers for the omnibus documentary, based on the best-selling book by economist Steven Levitt and author Stephen Dubner. In 2005 she co-directed The Boys of Baraka, the critically acclaimed documentary feature that was released by ThinkFilm in 2005 and winner of the 2006 NAACP Image Award for Best Documentary Film. Previously, Ewing delved in the dramatic world of Cuban politics with Dissident, a film about the struggle of Havana-based Nobel Peace Prize nominee Oswaldo Paya – a film that was made clandestinely and has been shown around the world. She is currently at work on The Arrivals, an innovative an emotional take on two Mexican immigrants searching for a path to legalization. Heidi is a member of the Directors Guild and the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.