Danny, an Ex-Hitman-Syrian-Muslim turned Israeli-Jew, sets out on an investigative journey to find out the truth about his son’s murder.

Holes tells the story of Danny Mor (55), A Jewish Israeli, who lives a quiet life in Jerusalem until his world is turned upside down when his nineteen-year-old son, Itzik, is stabbed to death following an argument with two young men outside a night club.

The two suspects are brought to trial. When Ohad, who allegedly help the knife, walks free, Danny decides to set an investigative quest of his own to find out what happened to his son. When he finds proof that vital evidence has been withheld, Danny’s conspiracy theories don’t seem so farfetched.

As the investigation continues, we learn about Danny’s past - he was born as Muhammad and grew up in Syrai as a Muslim. During the 1982 Lebanon war, he turned sides and began working for the Shin Bet, the Israeli internal security service. When he was ultimately exposed by the Syrians, he was smuggled into Israel and had to cut all ties with his family.

Now, this man is torn between his two identities: Muhammad, who asks for violent revenge, and Danny, who has a lot to loose if he decides to take the law into his own hands.


In production

About the Filmmakers

Director/ Producer/ Writer

Shirly Berkovitz
Shirly Berkovitz

Shirly Berkovitz, a graduate of the Film Department at ‘Beit Berl School of Art’, is an award winning filmmaker who stands out with her unique, raw and gripping style. Shirly’s last documentary feature ‘The Good Son’ (2013) debuted at IDFA, was the opening film at Docs-Barcelona, screened at over twenty film festivals, and was sold to more than a dozen TV channels worldwide. Shirly’s debut film, ‘The Way Up’ (2009) won Best Documentary Feature prize both at the Romania International Film Festival and Belgrade International Film Festival and was screened and competed at numerous notable film festivals around the world.

Producer/ Co-Writer

Noam Pinchas
Noam Pinchas

Naom got his undergraduate degree from Northeast college of Communication, Boston MA. His latest film as a director/producer is an Israeli-French-Dutch co-production documentary THE WONDERFUL KINGDOM OF PAPA ALAEV that premiered at Hot Docs 2016. In 2013, Noam co-produced and co-edited Shirly Berkovitz's THE GOOD SON, which premiered at IDFAand was the opening film at Docs-Barcelona. Amoung his other films as director/producer are HUMMUS CURRY (2008), I SAW GIRAFFES IN INDIA (2009), THE OPTIMIST AND THE BUDDHIST (2012) and TO BE LIKE AVI (2012).