• Facing east towards the Judean desert, a Jewish settler conducts a mid-day prayer, at the unauthorized Jewish outpost of Tekoa D, West Bank. March 1, 2004 Photo by Ahikam Seri/backyard
  • Ytzhar, spoke person

If the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians really lies at the hub of the Middle East conflict, then the dispute over the future of the Jewish settlements in the West Bank lies at the very core of that conflict. Though no Jews lived in the historic Jewish heartland of Judea and Samaria before the Six Day War in 1967, it is now home to hundreds of thousands of settlers, who are almost as diverse in their outlooks and origins, their ideologies and socioeconomic backgrounds, as Israeli society itself.

Though much has been written and filmed about the conflict, one particular story, the story of THE SETTLERS has never been told in its entirety. Who are these Jews who uprooted their families to live in the most contested region in the world, amid a sea of hostile neighbors? What motivated them, and continues to motivate them, to call this land their home, despite all the uncertainty about its future? Who supports their efforts to “reclaim the land” even while the international community and their own government talks openly about returning it to Arab sovereignty?

THE SETTLERS is the first film of its kind to offer a comprehensive overview of the Jewish settlers in the West Bank and their allies, Jewish and non-Jewish alike, in Israel, America, and Europe. It is an intimate look at the people behind one of the most daunting geopolitical challenges facing Israel and the international community today. The film combines an historical thesis, tracing the roots of the settler phenomenon to its origins almost half a century ago, with a sobering contemporary exploration of who the settlers are today and how they impact the Middle East peace process.

Combining history and headlines, THE SETTLERS is the first ever look at a group of radicals and idealists, who live on the fault lines of an age-old conflict. Though relatively few in number, they hold the fate of the Middle East in their hands.



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  • Spring 2013