The Oldest Person in the World

The Guinness record for being the oldest person in the world changes frequently; one super old person dies and the title goes to a slightly younger super old person. The record says a great deal about who we are: about fate, mortality, and the knowledge and experiences that will be lost forever as time passes and the world moves inexorably forward. Reporters interview the oldest person in their community, asking them their secret to longevity and attributing it to a daily shot of whiskey, a plucky attitude, or their love for God. But there is something profound that is not being addressed. The media hype is as much about our celebration of life as it is about our anxiety about what time does to our bodies, our minds, and our relevance. We are going to film each individual who becomes the oldest person in the world from here on out. The film’s form will mirror the fleeting nature of our lives as well as the fact that the only way to become the oldest person in the world is to allow time to pass–and to persist. It will be a life work, a never-ending project that will be screened for years to come.