Night School

Night School is a feature-length, verite documentary about adult education in the context of America’s new 21st century economy. The film closely follows three students over the course of an entire school year, as they attempt to improve their lives at a specialized charter school in inner-city Indianapolis, Indiana. Following students with a wide range of challenges and backgrounds, Night School is not just a film about adult education, but an intimate and deeply personal look at the roadblocks many underprivileged individuals face as they attempt to move upward in society.

Night School captures the day-to-day challenges and triumphs students in low-income neighborhoods experience, while asking the question: Is the American Dream still in reach for those willing to work and sacrifice for it? It’s a broad look at what role government should play in America’s quest to rebuild its vanishing middle-class, while challenging the notion that folks at the bottom are takers, not makers.