Anita: Speaking Truth to Power

Anita: Speaking Truth to Power, a feature documentary by Academy-Award-winning director Freida Mock, tells the harrowing and inspiring story of Anita Hill, the elegant, dignified African-American woman who charged Supreme-Court nominee Clarence Thomas with sexual harassment in 1991 Senate hearings. The hearings were pure, raw, gripping theater, watched by millions on national television: a struggle between a man with everything to gain and a woman with everything to lose. The event brought sexual politics into the national consciousness, and empowered Anita Hill’s fight for social justice.

This will be Hill’s story in a literal sense: for the first and only time, she’ll participate in a film about her life before, during, and after the hearings. How did a religious, conservative, bookish African-American – the last of thirteen children in a devout family on a remote Oklahoma farm – become a venerated and hated American icon, brought unwillingly to fame by the raw and rowdy intersection of sex, politics, and power?

“Sundance 2013: Anita Hill documentary shows power of the truth”- THESTAR.COM



    Catapult Grant Awarded

  • Spring 2011

  • Premiers and Awards

  • Official Selection – Sundance 2013