Always in Season

Always in Season is a documentary feature that presents the emotional journeys of relatives of lynching victims, perpetrators and others across the United States who are confronting the truth about lynchings that happened in their communities in order to repair the damage, acknowledge the victims and reconcile.


In production

About the Filmmakers


Jacqueline Olive
Jacqueline Olive

Jacqueline Olive creates multimedia films that tell nuanced stories of the people, places and cultures that make up our diverse world.  Bringing more than 10 years of experience in the journalism field, Jacqueline co-created the hour-long documentary film BLACK TO OUR ROOTS, which broadcast on PBS World. She also coordinated the production of the Emmy award-winning PBS broadcast documentary series, INDEPENDENT LENS, and the internationally-themed series, GLOBAL VOICES. Jacqueline has gained significant experience producing multimedia films as a fellow with the National Black Programming Consortium (NBPC) New Media Institute and the Bay Area Video Coalition (BAVC) Producers Institute for New Media Technologies and the BAVC MediaMaker Fellows Program. Taking an integrated cross-platform approach to storytelling, Jacqueline is directing, producing and writing the documentary film ALWAYS IN SEASON, which highlights the stories of relatives of lynching victims and perpetrators who have recently come together across the United States to acknowledge the victims, repair the damage, and reconcile.  With a team of innovative digital media developers, an initial prototype has been created for the accompanying Second Life (virtual world) film, ALWAYS IN SEASON ISLAND.  This role-playing environment will give visitors an opportunity in an immersive 3D world to intimately understand the social climate that made lynchings possible and develop strategies for fighting racism and hate that they can take back into the real world. Jacqueline is happily living in the San Francisco Bay Area creating multimedia films full-time.